The Tolkien D20 project is a page to present and download for free the pdf project dedicated to adapt J.R.R. Tolkien’s world to D&D 3.5 rules.

The work takes into account how a Middle Earth based campaign differs from a standard D&D campaign:  magic rules and classes were updated, enabling a  description of the main characters of Tolkien’s opera – from the might Valars to  the Istari, from Gothmog and Ancalagon to Fingolfin and Luthien, down to  the hobbits – using a D&D 3.5 template.


Download the Tolkien D20 Project pdf

The Tolkien d20 project is organized in four chapters and five appendices.

Chapter one acts as an introduction to the main elements of the game.

Chapter two outlines rules (races, classes, feats, equipment, both mundane and magic) and magic system.

Chapter three is dedicated to the creatures of Middle Earth.

Chapter four describes, in standards D&D 3.5 format, the main characters of Tolkien’s books, from valars down to the hobbits.

Appendices are dedicated to comparative stats of unique beings, feats, complete spells description, mundane animals data and acknowledgement of all the images you’ll find inside.

download the Tolkien d20 project

About the author

Tolkien fan and Dungeons&Dragons addicted, the guy up there was born in southern Italy sometimes in the early seventies. He grow up developing an eerie feeling for fantasy and world mythologies, so paving his way for a nerdish adolescence, powerfully reinforced by the discovery of role-playing games by the early eighties. Since then, the author managed to find a work, marry, raise two children, all this while uselessly burning neuronal cells in fantasy worlds and D&D scenarios.